Thoughts on Pete’s Message November 21, 2014

Pete’s wife Susan was scheduled for a lumpectomy yesterday.  Pete found himself in the husband’s waiting room as his beloved wife underwent surgery.  Pete’s prayer was that Susan’s malignancy would be completely removed.   Pete flashed back to a time many years ago when he was in when he was in the Father’s waiting room waiting for the doctor’s report as they worked feverishly to save his critically ill baby.  As during that trial, God’s answer to Pete’s prayer was “I, your Father, am still in control.”  God’s question back to Pete was “whatever the outcome, will you still love me, praise me, and serve me?”  The doctor’s report at that time was not what Pete wanted to hear:  “We lost the baby.” Continue reading

Thoughts on Pete’s Message November 14, 2014

The true purpose of Thanksgiving is to lead our hearts to the one for whom we are most thankful…  our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you reach a man you reach a family, a culture, a community and a nation.  Christianity in Africa and an outreach called Rock of Africa is exploding as men of God stand as lights shining in the world of darkness.  African Tribal leaders and a hundreds of men walk from miles around to attend their meetings.  These men of God are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.   They are honored to call each other “Brother in Christ” and they’re proud to be pronounced “guilty by association.” Continue reading

Thoughts on Pete’s Message November 7, 2014

The first epistle of Peter speaks to a group of Christians who have been scattered abroad, persecuted, and alienated from the mainstream culture.

Although the United States has enjoyed a long period of peace, prosperity, and the blessings of liberty, in which the church has freely exercised its God given freedoms, Americans are now witnessing the demise of godly American culture right before our eyes. As in the times of Peter, God reminds us that “my ways are not your ways and my thoughts are not your thoughts.”  He said to love not the things of this world…  This world is not my home, for we are not citizens of this world, but rather we are citizens of heaven, having been born again from above.  In post-modern culture, Christians find themselves on the “wrong” side of political correctness.  While we were sleeping, the world and the culture flipped upside down.  In a world of Darkness, God has called us to be lights of the world, to remind the world and the culture that God gave Ten Commandments, not ten suggestions.

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Thoughts on Pete’s Message October 31, 2014

First Peter Chapter 3 is about submission. Jesus walked through the villages of Judea and he saw the people as sheep without a shepherd.  He prayed for God to bring those who would shepherd God’s people.

Our prayer is that God would open our eyes so that we can see not from the eyes of the flesh, but through the eyes of the spirit…  according to Gods perspective, for he has seated us in the heaven-lies.

As The Lord has lifted away his hand of blessing, our culture turns progressively farther from the Truth, allowing bad men to deteriorate from bad to worse.  Therefore Halloween has become the second biggest holiday in America.  The appetite of the world has become dominated by the enemy.

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Thoughts on Pete’s Message October 24, 2014

1 Peter 2: 1  Wherefore laying aside all malice…  desire the sincere milk of the Word that ye may be able to grow thereby.  Therefore, commit thyself to the Word of God.

To see life from God’s point of view is one aspect of spiritual wisdom. Get wisdom, get knowledge, get understanding… but keep wisdom.  Life in this world happens at the speed of light.  We learn of the things of the world in retrospect.  What used to be good, righteous and virtuous is now evil in the eyes of the world.  When we blinked, the culture flipped upside down and we didn’t have time to realize the seismic shift toward the powers of darkness where the world calls good evil and evil good.

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